Are These the Best Men’s Wedding Bands Ever?

We think so. Find out what makes Jill Platner’s collection so good.

as reported by Marion Fasel for The Adventurine


It is officially wedding season and now you need a band for your nuptials. While women generally have a pretty good idea of what they want and where to find it. Men are a different story.

I’d guess the vast majority of grooms are buying jewelry or even considering wearing it for the very first time in their lives. Many, don’t have a clue where to go and often settle for some simple circle of metal without any design flair. Well now, with the recently launched collection of  Jill Platner’s wedding bands, there are lots of great possibilities for grooms.

Jill Platner working in her studio. Photo Sally Davies

Jill Platner working in her studio. Photo Sally Davies

The beloved designer and sculptor decided to launch into the men’s arena after making bands for her friends and realizing the market was underserved. An extraordinary craftswoman, Jill had been hearing men complain how they couldn’t find anything they like and knew she could resolve the key problems of fit and style.

Each of the rings in Jill’s wedding band collection is handmade for the client by artisans and craftsmen in her New York City studio on Crosby Street. “People usually start the process by looking at our rings online,” says Jill. “Then they come into the store and try on the styles. If they are having a hard time figuring out how it will feel to be worn every day, we send them home with a silver tester band. We don’t want anyone to have regrets or not be comfortable in the jewel. It’s like when you try on shoes in a store then you wear them out for a half an hour and they are killing your feet and you’re screwed. We don’t want that.”

The 10 styles in Jill Platner’s wedding band collection range from slender bands to wider rings with more design details. Each one has a surface treatment. Some are subtly hammered or textured others make a bold statement with a sculptural quality. The rings can be fashioned in platinum or 19K rose, white or yellow gold. Each gold alloy is Jill’s unique blend and the metal is signature to her work.

One key element that does not come through in the photographs of the rings is the heavy weight of the metal. “The jewels are substantial and feel comfortable,” explains Jill. “They also wear really well and become even better over time.”

The final flourish on the wedding band that can be provided by Jill Platner’s creative crew is custom engraving. It is a detail that transforms a men’s wedding band into personal treasure.