Elisabetta Polignano, known worldwide for her carefully crafted, one-of-a-kind dresses, founded her brand in 1997. Elisabetta’s imaginative use of color within her designs allows her to creatively express the theme within each of her collections.

Showing at New York Bridal Fashion Week for the first time, Elisabetta says to expect even more surprises at her presentation.

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RACHEL LEONARD: Please describe the focus of your collection.
ELISABETTA POLIGNANO: I always aim for the perfection— the best dress made in the best way, beginning with the design, all the way to the finishing touches and the modeling. I always do my best, which is why it’s important to be involved with every phase of design and creation.

RL: What is the inspiration for the upcoming season?
EP: My 2019 Bridal Collections are a tribute to the figure of the woman, the ‘prime mover’ of the world and a boundless source of love and energy. I want to give a strong, revolutionary signal — a declaration of the authentic, a profound renewal of culture and the bridal world — and also portray an act of courage that reveals the most profound nature of being a woman.

RL: What does it mean to you to show in New York?
EP: I love New York. Every time I go there I feel amazing because is a very dynamic city in which you can find people coming from all over the world. It’s always very exciting. It’s also very important for my business, because New York is a great showcase in the world, one where I can even find other designers or artists to compare with and learn from.

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