10 Questions with Giselle Dubois and Paul Tsang-Diaz of Spina Bride

1. How long have you been in business and how many stores do you have?

Spina Bride has been in business just shy of three years with two locations. The main location is located in Chelsea in NYC, showcasing a variety of designers. We also host a smaller flagship store for one of our main designers in the West Village, Lee Grebenau, a full custom design house.

2. What did you do before?

GISELLE: I worked in the fashion industry for 12 years managing the production schedule and fabric development for several businesses.
PAUL: I established a floral events company which proved to be successful in the last decade. I was looking for some sort of expansion and my best friend Giselle was the perfect partner.

3. What inspired you to open a bridal salon?

GISELLE & PAUL: We both have a passion for fashion, with Giselle’s background in Production/Fabric Development and Paul’s background in Interior Design/Event Planning - bridal really stood out for us. We wanted something that would keep inspiring us both.
GISELLE: I quit my career after 12 years and started working with Paul and loved it! We enjoyed working together and I loved being in the bridal industry. This was the perfect opportunity to mix everything that inspired me. It gave me the fashion forward trends I craved, the relationship with the designers, but most importantly a relationship with the brides. Being in production, I was always behind the scenes and it was very important for me to connect with the customer. I finally got that through Spina Bride. I’ve made some really great friends along the way within the bridal industry and with the brides.
PAUL: After striving in the floral events business, I always felt there was something missing in the bridal shopping experience. Creating Spina Bride was a way we could build meaningful relationships with our brides to make their shopping experience the unique and special experience it should be. We want them to look back and remember their time spent with us fondly.

4. Who is your target customer?

We are targeting the bride who wants a statement piece, who is fashion forward and who wants an exclusive, yet personal bridal experience.

5. What is unique about your store experience?

We only host one client at a time which keeps the appointments intimate and very fulfilling for our brides.

6. What is the criteria for the designer brands you carry?

We want to support new talent who are not represented by another bridal shop in New York.

7. How do you see the brides buying habit today?

A lot of customizations and fast turn around times.

8.Do you provide any other services ?

We host separate accessories appointments.

9. What is the best way to reach new customers?

Social media - identify your target audience and keep them engaged with captivating images.

10. Where do you see the future of Spina Bride?

We can’t tell you yet...stay tuned ;-)