10 Questions with Julie Casesa and Dania Kyrstallidou of Links of London

1. What is the story behind Links of London?

The Links of London story began with an order for Salmon…
Starting in 1990 with a bespoke corporate order for gold salmon shaped men’s cufflinks to be gifted to London’s top chefs, Links of London has grown into an iconic, international jewelry brand.

2. What the brand DNA?

The three ring logo of Links of London represent Love, London, Life: the links we share that make our designs authentic, made with quality craftsmanship while capturing the wit, whimsical spirit and heart of London. Every piece has a story to tell. Behind the craftsmanship and attention to detail, there is another layer of meaning to be revealed.

3. How many standalone stores do you have? Do you sell wholesale as well?

We have 10 free standing stores, 11 concessions and a small number of wholesale.

4. How often is a new collection debuted?

Links of London launches new collections on a quarterly basis.

5. When did you launch watches?

Our first major watch collection launched in 2007. The Driver Collection takes inspiration from motor racing and classical era, combining vintage quality with decadent design twists.

6.  What are some the trends in wedding gift giving?

Every wedding is unique and wedding gifts should reflect this. Links of London has seen trends from our dainty Diamond Essentials Collection as the perfect wedding day style, while providing engravable and personalized gifts for everyone in the party as a thank you gift for being a part of the most important day in a bride and grooms life.

7.  What cufflink styles are the most popular for grooms to wear?

Our Hidden Message Cufflinks have been the most popular gifts for grooms. The bride can engrave dates or initials, while also inscribing a private message held in the cufflink design. Our popular range of engravable cufflinks allows the groom and groomsmen to personalize their attire.

8. How popular is engraving? Can you engrave words, as well as initials and dates?

We see couples engrave dates, coordinates and monogramed the most. Phrases are also frequently engraved, ranging from classic “with love” messages to complete inside jokes between the recipient and gift-giver.

9. What is your best seller for bridesmaid’s gifts?

Our Narrative Collection allows personalization for the bride to gift her party with something truly special to reflect her relationships with each bridesmaid. The Sweetie Bracelet has also been designed with adorable keepsake charms that relate to a bridesmaid’s personal experiences. For pieces to walk down the aisle, our Essentials Collection provides petite sparkle to perfectly compliment any dress style.

10. Any licensing partnerships? Do you plan to do more?

Our licensing partnerships have recently been coordinated by our global team in the UK, such as our partnership with the Royal Ascot. We are always open to licensing partnerships that align well with our brand.