10 Questions with Bridal Designer Victoria Kyriakides


1. How did you get into designing wedding dresses?

What inspired me to start designing wedding dresses was the demand of my international clientele from my RΤW and evening collections. I now create 2 bridal collections a year, which leaves me much less time to work on anything else. 

2. Where are you based?

I was born in Athens. This is where we base our production. Our experienced tailors work with the French Haute Couture technique. Every dress is made on the mannequin with attention to detail and high craftsmanship. In addition to our Athens Atelier, there is a big part of our operations based in NYC to support and serve our international clientele.


3. What do you find is most different about bridal in Europe and bridal in America?

I believe that with so many international designers working at both ends of the Atlantic the differences in style are less evident. Europe, and the US market are not so diverse in the buying trends and it’s hard to compare them and draw safe conclusions. 

4. Give us a little insight into your couture design process.

I start every collection as soon as I finish the previous one. I gather pieces of fabric from my travels and love to play around with different ideas, moods and inspirations on paper and on a mannequin until I get a result that reflects my concept of the collection.When I design a new collection, I pay great attention to the patterns using body conscious female cuts that make the silhouette look perfect. I always believe that the magic is in the clever cutting.


5. Who do you believe is the fashion icon of the century?

If I were to choose one fashion icon of the century, this would definitely be Roy Halston. His minimalist and clean designs have inspired and shaped designers and fashion houses internationally.  

6. Where do you pull your inspiration from for your designs?

Music is my first inspiration drive. Films, documentaries and nature further inspire me to draw my collections.  The love I have for what I do and the love I get from the women that adore wearing my dresses.  

7. Who is the woman that chooses to wear Victoria Kyriakides?

I design for the sophisticated, alluring women that wants to look modern and romantic. Through the years I have noticed that my bride is usually, fashion forward and all-time-classic-lover!

8. What is your biggest marketing platform?

We work with major publications, as well as social media and online in general because it’s intimate and instant.

9. Where do you see the future of Victoria Kyriakides? 

We are working towards making Victoria Kyriakides brand, accessible to more women. Brides are craving for more access to a nearby store to get a VKK custom-made gown. Top sellers and popular styles available in more cities. One step at a time. 

10. What do you wish for the future of the bridal industry? What are you hopeful for?  

I hope that new ideas and valuable experiences will incorporate in creating a strong industry.