10 Questions with Bridal Designer Sareh Nouri

1) How did you become a wedding dress designer?

I started my business from designing my own wedding gown for my January 2009 wedding. I was unable to find the dress I imagined myself wearing, so I designed my own. I was an artist prior and had a degree in graphic design.  I took a job at a high end bridal salon and was eventually promoted to buyer and director of sales. My experience here awarded me the knowledge of luxury bridal from a sales and design perspective. I was passionate about designing and creating looks that I felt represented high-end fashion with a timeless, elegant look.  I launched my own line in 2011. That is how the journey started.

2) Where are you based and where are your gowns made?

My gowns are made and manufactured at my atelier in New Jersey. I am proud of the fact that all my production is exclusively made in the USA.

3) Where are you from originally?

I was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to the states when I was nine years old. I grew up and went to school in Northern Virginia. 

4) What is your design process?

Each season there is something that inspires my thinking and contributes to my development of the new collection.  This season’s collection was based on Swan Lake. I always work with an inspiration, source fabrics, sketch, and drape. There is something so remarkable about finding an incredible fabric and then beginning the draping process.  This can make fabric come to life and help create the piece I previously envisioned even stronger.


5) Do you have inspirations each season for the collection?

As I mentioned, I work with an inspiration every season. Swan Lake truly inspired me to design using the sensibility of dark vs light but translating that to feelings of fabrics. I’ve used everything from very light mist organza to heavier, darker hand pleated and crunched taffeta.  There are strong lines and softer silhouettes, each representing the classic, timeless appeal that brides look to me for. 

6) Who is your bride?

My bride is Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall. She is classic, elegant, appreciates modern fashion yet values traditional style, and wants to look timeless on her wedding day.

7) What distinguishes your designs from other brands?

My designs are conservative with a modern touch. I like to stay true to my aesthetic and create timeless pieces. Our custom bustier is built-in to shape the inner corset of each gown and the key to perfecting impeccable fit.  On any occasion you can walk into my studio and see my production team working by hand on each gown.  This type of workmanship sets us apart from other brands and the fact that I keep all my production in house and made in the USA is a differentiating feature as well.

8) How important is the celebrity dressing for your brand?

My desire is to have women who love my design and appreciate my exceptional fit wear my collection.  Every bride is just as important to me as every celebrity. It gives me great pleasure to receive photos from my clients who have worn one of my creations on a special occasion.  This drives my passion to continue to create fashion that serves a modern yet classic woman.

9) What is the best way a bride can find your gowns?

Instagram and Pinterest are the most popular ways to find my gowns.  I often meet brides at trunk shows who have specifically come to see me because of my gown images they have found online.  My website always showcases our collection and highlights the different stores where you can shop Sareh Nouri.

10) What other countries are your designs sold within? 

The United States is my largest market, but I currently sell to the Middle East, and Asia as well. We are continually adding new accounts and building our international market.