10 Questions with Designer Matthew Christopher


1) What inspired you to become a designer? 

My obsession with designing began very early. I discovered fashion magazines at the local grocery store and fell in love. This inspired me to learn to sew with my grandmother and neighbor and to participate in 4-H where I won blue ribbons at local fairs for my design skills. I knew fashion design was my passion and calling.

2) How did you choose to design wedding dresses? 

It was the most glamorous! I was able to express my love for dramatic style, grace and timeless beauty through bridal. 

3) What are you known for with your designs? 

Fit. The fit of my gowns is like no other in this industry. I take great pride in my ability to celebrate the female figure through fashion. The seaming, lace, beading and every element of my designs all focus on flattering the figure no matter what size the bride.

4) Do you have a specific bride in mind when designing?

We celebrate all brides and all sizes at Matthew Christopher.

SUZANNA_11005-0143_as copy.jpg

5) What is selling well now for Matthew Christopher?

We try not to categorize ourselves into one niche. We try to cater to all of our salons and all of our brides by offering a large range of silhouettes and fabrications. Our strapless trumpet gowns and clean crepe style gowns are hot right now. 

6) How important are trunk shows to your business?

Hugely important. This is the only opportunity to showcase the entire collection. Many times this gives the bride a broader view of her choices and styles a designer has to offer. It is also a fantastic opportunity to introduce all of the designs and versatility of the designer to the consultants and to highlight that on social media outlets. 

7) What are some of the challenges you face today?

The more casual bride. With our couture line we focus on the bride who wants to take her time and plan a dream wedding over 6 months to a year. With our Matty line we are focusing on the bride who is planning a more casual and spontaneous wedding day, which is becoming more and more prevalent. 

8) How many bridal markets do you think we need a year in the US?

According to the retailer there are too many markets. But this is an incredible opportunity for the designer to get in front of new salons and new buyers. It’s a toss up. There are pros and cons on both sides of this issue as always. 

9) What is your opinion on the state of the bridal industry?

As always the bridal industry is ever-changing but even more so now due to online shopping and instant gratification. Bridal needs to keep up with the speed at which brides want to see fashion straight from the runway and also the ability to order in a shorter amount of time. 

10) What else do you enjoy doing when not working?

Cooking and karaoke ☺