10 Questions with Rita Vinieris


1) How did you decide you wanted to design wedding dresses?
I had been restructured out of a company and was looking for employment and it so happened to be that a couple of friends of mine were getting married and looking for wedding dresses. I had time on my hands so I went out wedding dress shopping with them, only to find that there was not much in the market at that time and so I ended up designing and making their dresses.  

The void in the market of fashionable bridal gowns in quality fabrics at the time was the pinnacle moment that formed my decision to start RIVINI design. 

2) What was your design inspiration for Fall 2019 Bridal Collection?
Fall 2019 was inspired by humanity, emotions, community and the choice to #liveyourbestlife.  This collection is about women being themselves and choosing to feel incredible in the dress of their choice.  Luxurious silks, crepes, organdies and laces were allowed to naturally drape and sculpt the body, not only bringing out the natural beauty of the fabric but also that of the woman who will be wearing it.


3) How do you begin a collection each season?
Each season I begin with an inspiration and a mood, that evolves as the designing begins.  The inspiration might not be fully formulated as it could be just as simples as a picture or a thought. A mood board is created that helps me stay focused, well as focused as a creative mind can be.  Once the actual designing of dresses starts if I see that I am deviating from my initial inspiration I will rethink it and rejig my mood board so that I have a clear path and direction once again. Its truly an organically evolving process that allows me to tell a story.

4) Has the bride changed since you 1st started designing wedding dresses?
Oh yes!!  The bride has changed a lot since I first stared designing wedding dresses. She is more empowered, and more confident as a woman.  She is able to make her own choices for herself that express who she. She also might be getting married to another woman today.  Women evolve every year as society evolves.


5) What specific looks do your stores come to you for?
My stockists come to me for understated elegance that combines architecture, movement and sensuality.

6) What do you love most about designing?
What I love most about designing is being able to create beautiful things that make others feel incredible. 


 7) Tell us about your partnership with Project Semicolon.
My Fall 2019 collection is dedicate to brining awareness through fashion to a cause that is near and dear to my heart, Project Semicolon, with a portion of sales going to the project.  Also I showed 3 pieces in my collection made in a graffiti fabric.  I designed and customs printing. The words in the graffiti are ones that inspire anyone suffering from depression. There will also be a scarf for sale on my website soon with the same graffiti with all proceeds going to the cause.

This year we lost Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain to suicide and over the last decade we have lost 2007 Isabella Blow, 2010 Alexander McQueen, 2014 L'Wren Scott, to name a few. These are names that we are familiar with but there are several others in this world that are not in the public eye that suffer from depression and whose lives end by suicide. Love, support, awareness and communication is key in order to help those who suffer.  I want us all to open conversations in our community and help those who are silent! Spread the love, make others aware that each life has meaning and that everyone has worth!  

Founder Amy Bleuel, mission for her project is “Project Semicolon” is a global non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and love for those who are struggling with mental illness, suicide, addiction and self-injury.”   

This December I am kick-staring the month and the Holiday season with a FASHION FOR A CAUSE CHARITY RIDE in NYC at SoulCycle, reinforcing my Fall 2019 theme and keeping the awareness alive through fashion. As the holidays approach, December is particularly important as its a challenging month for people suffering from depression, hence I feel it is the ideal time to reach out to people in need and let them know there are people who care about them. Our community of Bridal Stores is coming together to help this amazing cause that affects so many people, through donations and riding with me and my team.

8) What is the best way you connect with the bride today?
The best way to connect with a bride today is through her social interest in life.


9) What direction are you taking your company?
The direction that I have always taken my company and brands over the years is to have them be relevant. I love evolving with the times and embracing change as change brings freshness and growth.

10) What else do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
When I am not working I enjoy cooking and eating with friends and family, throwing parties, traveling with friends and family, visiting my daughter who live in Europe.   Anything and everything in the arts from art exhibits, photography, ballet, theatre, & symphony to sports such as tennis, spinning, cycling, yoga, meditation.  Most of all in enjoy learning and taking things in.