10 Questions with Remy Quinones of Isabelle Armstrong


1) When did you launch your business?
I launched the first Isabelle Armstrong collection in October of 2013.

2) How did owning a couture wedding salon inspire you to create a luxury bridal brand?
I enjoyed working with brides in my salon for many years. They gave me great insight into how they want to look and feel on their wedding day. I learned about the emotional aspects of the bridal business as well as the practical side. To that end, I learned the key elements in a great gown include quality construction, impeccable fit and luxurious fabrics. Seeing beautiful couture gowns from other designers inspired me to use my knowledge, experience and creativity to design my own luxurious line of wedding gowns.

3) How does it feel to be on the other side of the business?
I love the creative side of the bridal business and am always excited to find new ways to bring my ideas to life. Each season is a new beginning in some ways because there are always fresh concepts to explore. The process of transforming those concepts into actual gown creations is truly challenging and always inspiring. I feel fortunate that I am able to work on things that I enjoy each and every day

4) What is the DNA of Isabelle Armstrong?
Isabelle Armstrong is at its core about passion, splendor and grace. As the creative director and founder of the brand, I have a true passion and appreciation for the art of design and I strive constantly to create pieces that are feminine and bold, splendidly beautiful and graceful and most of all classically stylish.

5) What approach do you take when designing a dress for the bride?
I always try to think about how a bride should feel wearing her wedding gown. Every woman wants to feel pretty and special and that is my deepest frame of reference when designing my dresses.

6) What is the inspiration for your new collection?
The fall 2019 collection was inspired by the “Gibson Girls” sketches created by Charles Dana Gibson in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These illustrations embodied his vision of the modern woman. The new collection features gowns with vintage elements from that era interpreted in fresh ways.

7) Tell us about the different fabrications and techniques you use.
I adore lace and embroidery and every collection I work diligently to find interesting and modern takes on traditional lace. I also love quality fabrics such as silk gazar, mikado and organza and I enjoy experimenting with unusual draping and layering of differing elements.

8) What are your price points?
Our gowns range from about $3,500 to $11,000 retail

9) What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I enjoy the entire process of creating wedding gowns, but I am particularly excited by the ongoing hunt for new fabrics.

10) Do you travel to trunk shows?
I generally do not travel to trunk shows. I have a very knowledgeable Director of Sales who is my liaison to our retailers. She serves as the company’s representative at trunk shows.