Escaping Into a Woodland Wonderland

BY celebrationS and event DESIGNER Ron Wendt 

Weddings are meant to celebrate and represent a couple and what better way to do so than to escape into a beautiful woodland wonderland? This wedding took inspiration from the simple elegance and whimsy of nature, while complementing the old-world grandeur of New York’s The University Club. 

The design embodied the wants and quintessence of the couple, which is always important in planning a wedding while creating an interesting and unexpected experience for the guests. I wanted them to encounter woodland curiosities from the tabletop to the ceiling! 

This space has an inherent romantic and elegant feel and so, to contrast this, we selected the décor, from the initials carved into the trees to the stone guestbook, to add a touch of quaintness. It’s important to remember to work with the aesthetic of the space and this design did just that, through intentionally complimenting the existing columns and curtains to provide a cohesive, purposeful look

By framing portraits with greenery and adding additional suspended light fixtures, the space and the décor blended seamlessly together to provide guests with a visually explorative experience. The role of nature is so prominent in the overall appearance of the room but it is the small vignettes that provided the magical mood behind this wedding. Each little moment created an even greater escape, allowing guests to turn their attention to the celebration and leave the outside world behind.