Lakum is the brainchild of Sathya Balakumar and Heather Green. Through their mutual dedication to modern couture, they created a brand tailored for brides seeking a set of unique looks for their wedding weekend. The duo established the brand's identity by mixing structured silhouettes with richly geometric embellishments. Infusing heritage with modernity, Lakum's designs are notable for their focus on quality and construction. Exquisite handcrafted techniques contribute to the luxuriousness and ingenuity of each dress. Using only the finest of fabrications, each piece is developed and produced exclusively in Brooklyn. The collection can be experienced at the Lakum Boutique and at specialty retailers worldwide.

Their Fall/Winter 2018 Collection marks their official debut runway show.

The collection will show at The New York Edition Hotel for October New York Bridal Market. To make an appointment, contact Heather Green at 917-687-7544.

RL: Describe the focus of your collection.

L: I drew inspiration from Zaha Hadid, Juan Miró and Francis Picabia. When Hadid passed last year, I was inspired to learn more about her journey into architecture and how she succeeded in upsetting an industry rigid in its practices and largely ruled by men. I was impressed by how she broke the confines of cultural and societal expectation, and manifested her creative genius both physically and metaphysically. Her study of "form and space within structure" was unprecedented, and with her work broke barriers and built the stuff of dreams.  

As artists, both Juan Miró and Francis Picabia toyed with the establishment as well. It was Picabia who so boldly quoted, "Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction." I used all of these elements to develop textures and layering. I wanted to be fearless in my approach to separates and create a product for the woman willing to change direction and take ownership of her unique perspective.