10 Questions with Bridal Designer Berta

1) Your gowns are fabulously glamourous and sexy. Did you start with wedding dresses or eveningwear?

I actually started with casual ready-to-wear straight out of design school (Shankar Fashion Institute). However, I always had desire to do bridal, as that’s the only field in which you can really let your inhibitions go and have the outmost freedom of design. As those are once in a lifetime dresses, and hence they must be supreme and overcome any other dress you’ll ever get to wear in your lifetime. 

2) Who is the women that chooses to wear Berta?

Most of my clients are sophisticated, forward thinkers, who are really looking for something unique and different. Those that really cherish the importance of the wedding dress. 

3) Why do you think Berta Bridal became successful so fast?

I really do things differently. That’s all. I disregard trends, budgets or any other commercial aspect – it’s all about design and art. It’s about creating the most exciting and touching dress I can. Success to me is measured in the way I am able to touch the heart of the bride. If I can get emotion out of her – that’s success to me. 

4) Do you think this changed the attitude of what women wear for their weddings or did you see a niche in the marketplace?

I certainly do see a shift in the market since I introduced my lines to the international market a few years ago. There had been a broad change in perception for many designers, in bridal and other, as they saw that the brides started looking for another kind of aesthetics. If I had even a slight contribution in pushing the industry to focus more on edgy, modern and unique designs – then I consider myself lucky to be in this position.  

5) How do you handle the rapid growth with production?

Fortunately I have a strong backbone behind me, which helps me keep on pushing it to the next level. Our fashion house is family owned and managed, still do this day when we hire hundreds of employees. So all our production, QA, marketing & sales are all managed by a centralized group of very talented people that share the same enthusiasm and aim. 

6) What inspires you as a designer season to season?

My inspiration is really endless. I derive it from so many different fields and places, and it’s constant. Never stops. My head always run with ideas and applications to things I saw. It’s a blessing in most parts, but it does keeps me awake at night too many times. Let’s just say, that if I needed, I could have double and quadruple the amount of collections I make every year. 

7) Tell us about the concept of your new line, MUSE BY BERTA.

As per my answer above, there are so many faces to my inspirations and ideas. While my couture BERTA line is the most luxurious and glamorous collection there is, I have also always valued the beauty of effortless dresses. Dresses that don’t necessarily have the longest trains, don’t have the most beadwork and embellishments. That’s where MUSE came from – a line of dresses that are stunning in their own right, and the edge comes with the cuts and the combination of soft materials. I started playing with this idea of creating a second line a few seasons ago, and last October, during the New York Bridal Market I felt the concept was mature enough to set it free.    


8) Where will your next campaign be photographed and how important are the images?

So there are a few campaigns coming, my new evening line was shot as a look-book and will be published by the end of September, the new MUSE line will be shoot in magical Sicily! A place which I love, as it has this authentic and romantic feel to it. An effortless place that can embrace and enhance the beauty of the new MUSE collection. And the new couture BERTA campaign location is still a secret… 

I feel the campaign shots are important for my designs, as they tell a story. 

9) What are the most important platforms for marketing the Berta brand?

Social media of course – it’s all about that these days. We get a lot of love on all the different social media platforms, and specifically on Instagram, where we now have over 1.7 million followers. 

10) Who are some of your favorite celebrities that have worn your dresses?

There are many! I loved Julianne Hough in both dresses of mine she wore, Kelsea Ballerini was also stunning in my dress for the GrammysGolden Barbie rocked a dress of mine to the amfAR and many more…