10 Questions with InStyle: Their Return to Bridal Content

1) We are so excited to see bridal content return to the April issue of InStyle. What inspired this?

We love weddings, it’s in InStyle’s DNA and we’re fortunate enough to have access to some of the industry’s most influential tastemakers. We definitely wanted to share with our audience what they’ve shared with us. What bride doesn’t want helpful tips for her upcoming day? 

2) What type of coverage will this be in print?

Four full and gorgeous pages in the newly revamped lifestyle section called, appropriately, 'The Life'. 

3) Assuming there will be a celebrity angle? Can you tell us whose engaged or wedding in particular that you will be covering?

There is no celebrity angle per se, but we have connected with top tastemakers who have worked with scores of celebrity clients. 

4) Are there any trends in the way celebrities marry today?

What we’ve noticed more than a celebrity angle, is how brides are dressing for themselves more and more. They are really embracing individuality in everything from their gowns to their décor and even with their engagement and wedding rings. 

5) A wedding dress for a celebrity, how does it compare to their red carpet dress?

They are growing more similar. We are featuring a handful of designers who showed dresses that could work for a wedding or the red carpet. 

6) Are celebrities private or not re social media for their wedding?

I think social media has gotten to the point where you share what you want to share. It’s fun to provide a glimpse into an event, but unless you’re a real social media obsessed person, there is a desire to keep certain moments private. 


7) Tell us about the digital component, what will that cover?

We have more than dipped our toes into the wedding space on our InStyle Weddings channel, but are looking forward to doing even more of a deep dive. Content will be more regular and feature real life couples as well as the celebrities we love to see. We’ll have tips and tricks consistently from world renowned experts in the field, capitalizing on their knowledge and social media following, as well. We are excited to build up our InStyle Weddings newsletter, which has an incredibly high open rate and we look forward to growing that community even more.

8) Will there be a dedicated bridal section on line?

There already is! Check out Instyle.com/weddings

9) Will you be covering trends in dresses in InStyle on line or in print?

We love talking about wedding dress trends. Not only do we follow what is going on in the bridal market, but we love looking at the larger market to see what our readers might be interested in. Loving velvet for fall? We’ll round up our favorite white velvet dresses. Obsessed with Ruth Negga’s sparkly Vuitton dress from the Globes? We’ll show you how to wear silver sparkles to your wedding! And you can’t forget your bridesmaids. How do you find a dress for your maid of honor that she could actually wear again? We have the answers.

10) Name your top 3 favorite celebrity weddings and why?

I'm personally a big fan of rock and roll weddings like Bianca and Mick Jagger and David Bowie and Iman. Good music, good food, gorgeous locations -- what more do you need?