10 Questions with Owner of Bridal Reflections Anthony Micari


1) What is the original story behind opening Bridal Reflections in 1973 and who is running it now?

Bridal Reflections was started by my mother, Maria Micari in 1973.  She originally partnered with a friend, but when her friend left the business my father, Tony Micari, stepped in.  Cristina DeMarco, now a partner in the business, began as a stock girl and worked her way up through her dedication and eye for fashion.  Maria Micari has since retired and sadly my father passed away last year, but their legacy lives on through Cristina, myself and my sister RoseLynn.  We make an excellent team.

2) How many stores do you have today?

Today we have three locations.  Two on Long Island in Massapequa and in Carle Place and the third is on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  The salons complement each other because our brides can shop between them and also purchase in one salon, but have their fittings in another, more convenient salon location. This offers an unmatched level of service.

3) You moved the New York City salon to a new location, what inspired that and where exactly is it?

The new salon in New York City is at 437 Fifth Avenue (between 38th and 39th), directly across from Lord and Taylor.  Situated on the tenth floor, it offers amazing views down the entirety of Fifth Avenue.  We had long ago outgrown our prior space, so when this beautiful location became available we jumped at the opportunity to offer our brides a more spacious salon.  We also saw it as a great opportunity to expand our selection of eveningwear for mothers-of-the-bride and groom and for special occasions. 

4) Tell us what will be new and different about this space compared to the other NYC stores.

Besides being more spacious, the new salon has a positive energy that is difficult to describe, but you feel it upon entering.  It is a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Of course, we can also offer our brides a greater selection of couture fashion in a more comfortable and luxurious environment. 

5) There always seem to be a red carpet in the stores. Will that be in the new store as well? 

Yes of course!  The red carpet is the centerpiece of our salons.  Brides love exiting the fitting rooms and walking down the red carpet. They are almost able to feel the emotions of walking down the aisle on their wedding day when they walk down the red carpet.

6) Will the display of dresses and accessories be any different? 

The display of dresses and accessories is similar to our prior salon, but the extra room allows us to feature more gowns in a more comfortable environment for the brides.

7) What makes Bridal Reflections stand out from the pact of salons in NYC?

Bridal Reflections stands out in NYC because of two things - service and our exclusive designer relationships.  From the moment a bride enters our doors we concentrate on service and providing a no pressure shopping experience.  There is always an owner on premises as well, which is important.  Our world-renowned service is why some of the finest designers in the world seek out Bridal Reflections.


8) What new designers are you carrying? Any exclusives?

At this time we are featuring the designers who have continued to support us throughout the years. They provide our brides with exclusive designs, which they love to wear since they are not found anywhere else.

9) How does the internet effect your business in a positive way?

There is something to be said for a bride coming into the salon with no preconceptions about their preferred style and allowing their consultant to guide them.  The internet, however, is here to stay, so brides often come prepared with many photos and ideas about their dress.  This can definitely be a positive because it gives their consultant a starting point.  Our brides, however, often end up with a completely different type of style.  We always offer this advice to brides - try it on!  I will also say that the internet has been great for exposure, as Bridal Reflections has grown from one local salon to three salons with a worldwide clientele.  

10) What types of silhouettes are selling on the floor?

We like to offer our brides a selection of fashion from fitted gowns with sexy low backs and fit and flare styles to A-line style gowns, princess styles and long-sleeves classic clean line gowns.  Whatever style a bride chooses, we offer dresses that emphasize the romance of being a bride.