10 Questions with Bridal Designer Rosa Clará

1) How did you get into designing wedding dresses?
After many years spent working in a bridal fashion, I noticed that that the sector was losing one of its fundamentally defining features, which is fashion, and I understood that I had a very important task to complete - provide the sector with my passion, creativity, innovation and design. I decided to start a traveling and designing my own wedding dresses and from there I set up my first store.

2) What was the niche you created with your designs?
All of my collections are based on contemporary women who see fashion as the best way to express themselves throughout sensual, elegant, sophisticated and weightless designs. Our brides-to-be really appreciate and give importance to the quality of materials and fabrics. I try to put myself in their shoes and design gowns with which they will feel comfortable in.

3) How many countries does Rosa Clara sell to through franchises and wholesale outlets?
We are a consolidated company in expansion, with a presence in 80 countries around the word. Rosa Clará Group has 140 own exclusive stores and our international sales network includes more than 3,000 clients.

 4) As a global brand and female entrepreneur, what important advice can you share that attributed to your success?
The road to success is not always an easy path and you will encounter some difficulties to which you must overcome. However, the key to success lies in following your inner voice - be tenacious, demanding with your own work and have the capacity to reinvent and adapt to the new times.


5) What have been some of your exciting worldwide design haute couture partnerships?
Thorough out my career, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with famed haute couture designers, such as Christian Lacroix and Karl Lagerfeld. It was a fulfilling experience and I’m so pleased with our results. They are world-renowned designers with whom I share lot of principles and values with.

6) Is there a difference in the dress a woman purchases based on her country’s culture and religion, or do most women choose a dress based on their own personal style?
The pursuit of you wedding dress must to be the way to express yourself, to show who you are and your personality. This is a worldwide common thing, but depending on the country, the women express these values differently.

7) What other types of designs do you produce?
In 2007, I felt the necessity to explore beyond and created “Rosa Clará Cocktail” - cocktail dresses suiting the needs of wedding guests.

8) As a global brand, what are the biggest challenges in today’s marketplace?
Our major challenge is continuing with our expansion plan. This has led us to select the best points of sale for our exclusive products. Our objective is to have a presence in all important cities in the world.

9) Is the US market easier or more challenging than other markets?
The American women are elegant and sophisticated, and they have a close relation with fashion and the latest trends. They look for beautifully detailed designs with which to show their personality to the forefront and make their wedding day the stuff of dreams. I share this intention with them, so it's perfect.

10) What else do you like to do when you have free time?
I spend the majority of my time working, but when I have free time I like to spend it surrounded by my family and travelling. I confess that I’m in love with the United States, above all with Miami.