2017 Golden Globes: Makeup Trends from the Red Carpet


Golden Globe winner Tracee Ellis Ross of Black-ish wore a true red version of the omnipresent matte lip trend. Paired with natural skin, a slightly elongated eyebrow and a strong dose of mascara, this classic look is easy to replicate for bridal and adds a dash of color and whimsicality to any occasion. 

Other stars wearing the omnipresent matte lip trend at the Globes this year included Anna Kendrick, Brie Larson, Chrissy Teigen, Kerry Washington, Lily Collins, Priyanka Chopra and Riley Keough.

Another standout of the evening was from Golden Globe winner Claire Foy of The Crown, who wore a version of the tonal trend with her eyes, cheeks and lips awash in a similar color with a bit of definition along the lash line. Claire's eyes were given a little extra peach sparkle on the lids, right where light naturally catches.


There was also a notable return to the obvious glitter and sparkle on the eyelids after a long period of avoidance of anything stronger than a mere shimmer. 

The benefit of a tonal look for a bride is its ease of upkeep, its ethereal effect of an overall color wash and its timeless femininity that enhances a woman's own beauty versus calling attention to the makeup. It is usually paired with gowns light in color, such as metallics or pastels, and on this Golden Globe night was mostly achieved with different intensities of rose colors.

Other stars who wore versions of the tonal look at the Globes included Emma Stone, Evan Rachel Wood, Gwendoline Christie, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman, Octavia Spencer, Reese Witherspoon, Sophia Vergara and Thandie Newton.

Loving's, Ruth Negga, was a beautiful example of the doe-eyed look where only the top lid is accentuated with liner and mascara and the under-eye is left bare. As here on Ruth, this look is most commonly executed in shades of matte gray, which is softer than black, but reads more appropriate for special occasions than brown shades. This look is usually paired with a rose-colored blush and a tailored neutral tone lips. 

This perennial look helps to project youth and vitality, while minimizing attention to under eye circles and bags - benefits that sleep deprived brides can appreciate on their wedding day. It can be modified to suit the tastes of the individual, looking equally stunning with a light application or a more precise, opaque version. 

Other stars who emphasized the ‘doe-eyed’ look at the Globes included Felicity Jones, Gina Rodriguez, Janelle Monáe, Jessica Biel, Kristen Wiig, Michelle Williams, and Viola Davis.

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner had my favorite iteration of the classic smoky eye.  Paired with a modern gown silhouette and sleek hairstyle, this look is intensely glamorous, making a dramatic statement with much less upkeep than a bold lip. Shown on Sophie in a sophisticated matte dark grey, this look brings all the attention to the eyes and conveys a sultry allure and confidence. Brides getting married in the evening or winter might want to consider this look but it's important to strike the right balance in order to not overwhelm the overall effect. 

Other stars with the bold smoky eye at the Globes included Amy Adams, Carrie Underwood, Gal Gadot, Judith Light, Kristen Bell and Sarah Jessica Parker, along with ‘The Misses Golden Globe’ - Sistine, Scarlet and Sophia Stallone.