Amy Adams' Engagement Jewel


In the glory days of the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton romance, they kissed in front of the red carpet cameras a lot.  I am not talking about the early period of the relationship when there was more than a whiff of scandal around the lovers, but much later when they were years into their marriage.  The couple could not keep their hands off each other.  It’s a type of affection you rarely see with the justifiably cautious Hollywood couples of today.  Some never even appear together on the red carpet.  Not so with Amy Adams and her husband Darren Le Gallo.

A look at pictures of the twosome on all the red carpets recently—the Palm Springs Film Festival, the Critics Choice Awards, the Golden Globes—made me think of Taylor and Burton.  After over 17-years together the couple are constantly kissing.  This true romance, not to mention some great photos of Amy Adams left hand showing her engagement ring and wedding bands inspired me to look up the designer of the jewels, Jean Dousset.  We sat down in his beautiful boutique on Melrose near a picture of the Frenchmen’s great-great grandfather Louis Cartier (yes, the Louis Cartier) to talk about Amy’s gorgeous rings.