Haute for the Holidays: Karl Lagerfeld Engagement Rings

Having finally arrived in a select group of prestigious jewelry stores nationwide last month, Karl Lagerfeld’s much-anticipated engagement ring collection offers couples hoping to get engaged during high engagement season (now – February 14, 2017) an exciting new option. The result of a licensing agreement with the Frederick Goldman Luxury Group, one of the largest fine jewelry companies in North America, the collaboration fuses cutting edge details with a distinctive air of Parisian glamour and sophistication.

Several of Karl Lagerfeld’s signatures are cleverly worked into the engagement ring settings (think pyramid studs and pointy collars) and beautifully expressed in diamonds and polished metal. Sharp, knife-edged silhouettes mingle with geometric motifs, many of which subtly reference the city of lights iconic examples of gothic architecture.

The centerpiece of the collection is a limited-edition design taken from a hand-drawn sketch by Lagerfeld himself. Called Les Coeurs Entrelacés, the ring artfully melds the old (the marquise diamond center stone, a cut popular in the 1920’s) with the new (a sculptural, ultra-modern setting formed by interlocked hearts). Only three have been produced, perfect for the millennial bride who wants to honor tradition but also make a high-fashion statement.

Check it out below, among other highlights, each priced from $8,000 and up (all center stones sold separately).


Limited edition platinum ‘Les Coeurs Entrelacés’ engagement ring with a marquise diamond center stone flanked by diamond-encrusted hearts.

 $10,000, Available at Karl Lagerfeld


Platinum cushion-cut diamond halo engagement ring featuring 1.29 carats of diamond accents adorning the basket and band.

$8,800 Available at London Jewelers


Platinum engagement ring with .97 carats of round brilliant diamonds.

$7,800, Available at Arthur’s Jewelers and Solomon Brothers


Platinum engagement ring with a cushion-shaped halo and a knife-edged collar detailed with 1.17 carats of diamonds.

$8,000, Available at Anglo Diamond, Ackerman Jewelers, Mountz Jewelers and Padis Jewelers


Platinum round diamond halo engagement ring featuring 1.15 carats of diamonds.

$8,000, Available at Robbins Brothers