10 Questions with Editor in Chief, Elisabetta Barracchia of WEDDING – Vogue/Vanity Fair Italy


1) Where were you working before this job?
I came to Condé Nast 20 years ago after an experience as an art director and communications manager for a clothing brand. I started at Vogue Pelle as deputy editor and then became editor-in-chief of Vogue Gioiello and Vogue Accessory, a brand that has recently evolved into Accessory-Vogue/VanityFair. Working alongside Franca Sozzani was really a big opportunity, being able to support her in conceiving and creating unique projects and events.

2) When did Wedding Magazine debut?
December 2018 is when Wedding-Vogue/VanityFair launched. This is the evolution of Vogue Sposa, a historic Condé Nast Italia brand dedicated to the world of weddings.

3) Where is it distributed and how many issues a year?
It is a platform dedicated to the industry: an annual magazine that has also had the opportunity to be packaged alongside Vogue Italia abroad and along with the newsstand run of Vanity Fair in Italy. It is also distributed at the main international trade shows and via a network of very important Italian spas.   

4) What is the point of view of the content?
A broad look, full of information, inspirations and details that serve as the leitmotif of the magazine, with three major themes: fashion in the front of the book, from trends to interviews; wedding planning from A to Z, from catering to the location, from the honeymoon to all of the details to remember; finally, fashion features that become a story with images shot by the biggest names in photography.


5) Will there be an online presence as well?
Wedding-Vogue/VanityFair is a brand that aims to be a multimedia platform. Social-media pages and topics on the VanityFair.it site (https://www.vanityfair.it/label/matrimonio) allow for speaking to a vast number of users.

6) Tell us about the Italian bride, what is unique about her?
The Italian bride follows trends, and she wants to transform her wedding into something unique, a real experience. Therefore, she pays attention to even the smallest details when it comes to the ceremony. Her choices all center around taste and seeking out excellence.

7) How important are American bridal brands to the Italian market?
Now brides have a really big-picture view of things and they also know a lot about designers outside of Italy.

8) What trends in weddings are happening in Italy?
Those who get married in Italy are lucky in that they can choose from many unique, magical locations. These often serve as inspiration for the entire ceremony, which follows the theme. Country chic is very popular as well as super classic ceremonies in historic palazzos. More romantic types opt for weddings on the beach.

photo Stratis Kas @Wedding_VogueVanityFair

photo Stratis Kas @Wedding_VogueVanityFair

9) How do you see the magazine growing?
A magazine that evolves and grows, satisfying the expectations of future brides as well as all of the key players involved.

10) What do you like so far about this industry?
The poetry, the magic as well as the ability to be contemporary without forgetting about traditions. Fashions meant for brides boast the care and tailoring that you can only find in haute-couture collections. The excellence of Italian manufacture offers an infinite number of facets.